Brolly is excited to introduce updates to our software. We have expanded service tracking to include minutes by service area and IEP goal as well as added new reports and the ability to access past progress logs more easily. Along with these changes, there are a few smaller update to the Brolly interface. Below are a list of all changes and links to the Help Center articles with additional information.

Homepage Updates

  • More log information viewable on homepage
  • Multiple log selection for editing for service tracking

More Log Information

Brolly's homepage now shows more log information for both service tracking and progress monitoring logs. These views allow user's to quickly see logs at a glance and filter for specific logs directly on the homepage. 

Multiple Log Selection for Editing - Service Tracking

This update also allows providers to check the box next to multiple service tracking logs to edit at once. Select any combination of service tracking logs and edit quickly and efficiently. For more information on how to edit multiple logs from the homepage, click here.

Service Tracking Updates

  • Option to log for archived students
  • Services appear first in Quick Select and grid view
  • Services must be included in log
  • New Default Service option

Option to log for archived students

In the Quick Select form, you can now choose to see archived students by selecting Show Options and checking the box in front of "Show Archived Students" when service tracking. This allows users to log for students who may be showing as archived in Brolly for any reason. For more information on the new archived feature, click here.


Services appear first in Quick Select

Now when logging, users will see Service Area appear in the first column on the second page of the Quick Select tool and goals will be the second column. This change will also appear in the grid view as well with the Service Area column appearing first and the Goal column appearing next to it. This change is to align with a service first data approach.

Services must be included in log

Logs must now include a service area is selected, If you have a student who does not have a service, you can create a service manually for the student in the Student page if you have permissions to do so. You can find more information on creating services here.

If you do not have permissions to create a service, please reach out to your administrator to request a service be created.

New Default Service option

This new feature allows a provider to create a service as they work on a service tracking log if a service is not in the system for a student. This is meant for districts or schools who may not be syncing their services from their IEP systems or if there is a situation where a service might not sync over for a student. For more information on the Default Service option, click here.

***NOTE: This will only appear if you administrator as turned this option on. For most many users, this will not be an option because services are pulled directly from a student's IEPs. If you do not see this option when logging, you may still be able to create a service for a student on the Student management page.

Reporting Updates

  • Report creation available on multiple pages
  • "Include only my logs and data?" option in reports
  • Goal level or benchmark level for progress monitoring

Report creation available on multiple pages

Creating a report in Brolly just got easier with the Build Report button found on the Student management page and Data Exploration student tab page. This new tool allows users to create reports without leaving the page they are on. 

"Include only logs and data from a specific user?" option in reports

When creating certain student reports, you now have the option to select to see only one specific user's data in the report or if you do not select a user, you will see all logs entered by any provider for the selected students in the report. For example, if you wanted to run a report for five students that only included Ms. Smith's data, you would select Ms. Smith in the drop menu for "Include only logs and data from a specific user." If you wanted to create a report with logs by all providers who have logged for the same five students, you would leave the drop down blank.

The following reports have this option available:

  • Service Tracking Logs By Students
  • Progress Monitoring Logs By Students
  • Student Detail Report

Goal level or benchmark level for progress monitoring

When creating a progress monitoring log, providers can now decide to include logs for benchmarks by checking the "Include rows with benchmarks?" option or they can unselect the box and create a report for goal level logs only.