Brolly allows you to track IEP services to ensure students are receiving the correct minutes based on their IEP. For most users, Brolly pulls services and goals directly from your IEP system. If you do not see your services and goals showing for students, you may need to create those services manually. Please check with your admin before creating services and goals manually. 

Service Tracking Basics:

  • Most users will see services and goals pulled over automatically from their students' IEPs. If you do not see those services in Brolly, you may need to add them manually or have an administrator add them manually.
  • Providers will log at the service level while also choosing the goals they worked on in that service session.
  • You must select at least one goal per service.
  • The minutes applied to a goal or goals must equal the total service time entered in a log.

Before Logging Services

  • Update your caseload and template if you have had any changes to the students you service.
  • Update your templates to if students have had any changes in their services or goals.
  • Make sure your students have services in Brolly. If they do not, you may need to create a service manually in order to log.

Logging Services

Select "Create new service tracking log" on the homepage.

The Quick Select form will appear on your screen. Select the template at the top if you would like to use a template. If not using a template, you will be able to select students on the next page. 

Next, enter the general information for your log. Click "Next in the bottom right-hand corner when you have completed the general information on this page.

  • Date - the date the service took place
  • Time (start/end) - when did the service take place
  • General Notes - notes that apply to all students. We recommend NOT using any student names in the general notes because the notes will appear in all logs and will show in other student logs unless removed.
  • Service Setting (optional) - the setting of the service
  • Provide Absent (optional) - check this box if marking yourself absent to apply the provider absences to all students

On the next page, you will be able to select students you would like to include in the log. If you need to log for a student who is archived, select the "Show Options" button and check the "Show Archived Students" box. At the bottom of the Quick Select page click "Next" to move to the next page. 

If using a template, the students in the template will auto-populate checked on this page.

On the last page, select the services and goals for each student. 

If using a template that have services and goals, those will pre-populate for you. You can always update or change the services or goals as needed. You must select at least one goal per service. Once the services and goals are selected, click "Done."

If logging for archived goals/services or an archived student , check the "Show Archived" box in the upper-right hand corner to see those archived items and students. The red dot next to a service or goal will indicate that it is expired and has been archived.

Note: Your logs are not submitted when you click "Done" on the Quick Select. You must click "Submit" on the grid page to record your logs.

In the grid view, you can update or edit any information. Double click on any cell to update the information or add additional information. Make sure to fill in the following columns in order to be able to submit your logs:

  • Date
  • Start/End Time
  • Student
  • Service Area
  • Goal(s)
  • Notes

To view additional columns, scroll right. These columns are optional to complete:

  • Absent - mark the student or provider absent
  • Setting - this is the service setting. If you set this in the Quick Select, it will be filled in already.
  • Image - add an png or jpg image of student work or other artifacts that might be important later

Once you've completed editing or adding additional information, select "Submit" in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. A green dot will appear next to logs that were submitted correctly. 

If a log is missing information or can not be submitted, a yellow triangle will appear. Hover over the triangle to see what has caused the error.

After you submit logs, you can continue to edit on the page service tracking page. If you make any changes, select "Submit All" again and only edits will be submitted. You will not submit duplicate logs.