There are a few ways to edit an already submitted logs. Below we will go over two approaches.

Editing Logs for Multiple Students - HomePage

When needing to edit service tracking logs for multiple students, using the homepage is the easiest way. To start, go to the homepage.

Next, you may want to filter for specific information to limit the number of logs you are viewing. Most  (but not all) columns allow you to filter for specific information. To do so, hover over a column until you see three lines appear. 

Next, click on the three lines and select the funnel icon to pull up the filter.

After you've set the filters you would like, you can select the specific logs you would like to edit by checking the box next to the logs. We recommend selecting less than 50 logs at a time for best experience in editing.

Once you've selected all the logs you would like to edit, click the "Edit selected service logs" button at the top of the page.

The logs you selected will no be showing on the grid logging page. From here, you can now edit any information you need. If you change the time of a session, make sure to also update the time for each goal in the goal column. 

When you have finished logging, select "Submit All" to submit the edits.

If a log is missing information or can not be submitted, a yellow triangle will appear. Hover over the triangle to see what has caused the error.

Editing Logs for One Students - Data Exploration Page

To edit one student's service tracking logs, you can use the Data Exploration page. First go to the Data Exploration page in the left-hand navigation.

Next, go to the top of the page and set the filter dates you would like to see.

After setting the filter, click on the student tab and find the student you would like to view or edit data for and select their name.

Once in the student's page, you can now find logs and edit. There are two ways to find logs for this student. The first is by goal or service. To do this, go to the service or goal boxes and scroll all the way to the right. You will see the number of logs entered per service/goal and the number editable. Click on the editable number to pull up those logs to edit.

NOTE: Editable logs will be logs you entered. If other providers are logging for this service/goal, you will see the number of editable logs and total logs may differ.

If you want to find logs for different goals/services, you can go to the running total of service tracking logs below the progress monitoring graph. You will see a check box next to any logs that you entered and can select the check box for the logs you would like to edit. Once you've selected those logs, you will see the number of checked logs at the top of the box. Click on this to view the logs to edit.