Brolly is capable of syncing students, services, and goals from the Louisiana IEP system eSER, but limitations on this syncing process can cause services to be difficult to identity in Brolly.

To help improve this process, Brolly now has the option to pass additional information for services through the syncing process using the "Program Services - Comments" field. Using this process will allow you to add additional names to services in Brolly, as well as set specific minutes and sessions.


  1. Use the "Program Services - Comments" field to record your normal comments
  2. At the bottom of the text box, add a line with the text "Service Details"
  3. Underneath "Service Details", use additional lines to describe the services for the student
    • Each line should start with an identifier for the IEP service
      • The identifier follows the format: "{service line number}/{Regular|Special|Community}/{time frame}"
      • Example: "2/Special/A" refers to the "Special Class" minutes of the service in the second row of time frame A
      • NOTE: Time frame is optional. If it is not specified, the first time frame will be assumed.
    • The service identifier should be followed by a colon, and then additional details for the service separated by semicolons
      • The information should follow the format: "{preferred name};{duration};{sessions}"
      • Example: "Math; 30 minutes; 2 sessions"


Below is an example of a student that has multiple "Special Education Instruction" services in their IEP. By default, when Brolly syncs these services, they will have very similar names, making them difficult to differentiate while logging or using other features of Brolly.

By default, this student will have 4 services created in Brolly:

  • Special Education Instruction/Regular Class/Time Frame - A/Both, for 2×30 minutes/week
  • Special Education Instruction/Special Class/Time Frame - A/Both, for 4×60 minutes/week
  • Special Education Instruction/Regular Class/Time Frame - A/Group, for 2×60 minutes/week
  • Speech/Language Pathology Services/Special Class/Time Frame - A/Both, for 1×30 minutes/week

To add additional context to these services in Brolly, you could edit the "Program Services - Comments" text box to contain the following:

...other comments here...

Service Details
1/Regular/A: ELA; 30 minutes; 1 session
1/Regular/A: Reading; 30 minutes; 1 session
1/Special/A: Behavior; 60 minutes; 4 sessions
2/Regular/A: Math; 30 minutes; 2 sessions
2/Regular/A: Science; 30 minutes; 2 sessions

Adding these comments would result in these services being created in Brolly:

  • ELA, for 1×30 minutes/week
  • Reading, for 1×30 minutes/week
  • Behavior, for 4×60 minutes/week 
  • Math, for 2×30 minutes/week
  • Science, for 2×30 minutes/week
  • Speech/Language Pathology Services/Special Class/Time Frame - A/Both