With the Brolly update, you can now continue to log for students, goals or services that are marked as archived in Brolly. In this article, we will show you how to log for any archived students or goals/services.

Before Logging

When logging for any archived data in Brolly, you will first want to ensure the student is on your caseload even if the student is showing up as archived. If the student was on your caseload before being archived, and you do not remove them then they will still be on your caseload. To see them on the Student page, select the "Show Archived" box and they will appear in your student list.

If you are logging for a new student who was not previously on your caseload but is showing as archived, you can add them to your caseload by selecting the green "Edit Caseload" button at the top of the page. Once the caseload editor appears on the right-side of the page, click the "Show Options" and check the "Show Archived Students" box. Now archived students will appear in the list to select and add to your caseload.

Logging Services for an Archived Student, Service, and/or Goal

Logging for Archived Students

When logging services for a student who is archived, you will select the "Show Options" box on the student page and then check the box "Show Archived Students." Once you have checked the "Show Archived Students" box, students on your caseload marked as "Archived" will appear in the student list. Choose the student or students you would like to log for by checking the box next to their name.

Logging for Archived Services/Goals

To log for archived services and goals, you will need to select the "Show Archived" on the services and goals page of the Quick Select. The archived services/goals will appear with a red dot next to them.