Under the Setting page, you can find the different setting areas in Brolly. Settings are are only available for district administrator level users to edit.

Service Settings

Under the Service Settings tab in Settings, you can customize the service setting locations for your district. Brolly allows for five service setting options. Updates to current service settings will retroactively apply for all service tracking logs that have service setting completed.

To update or change the service settings, type in the new service setting in the option box and select Save. To add additional service settings, click "Add Service Setting Option" and enter the new setting then click Save.

Service Areas

Brolly now allows the option to enter general service areas to Brolly that your providers can use to create services on the fly for students who do not have services syncing over. This option is best for districts who are unable to sync services. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to utilize this feature to help set it up.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Brolly offers three SSO options: Google, Clever, and Classlink. Allow your users to use their credentials from one of these three options to quickly log into Brolly. To turn on an SSO option, select the box to enable your SSO choice. For Google, there is nothing more than needs to be done once you select to enable and save. Clever and Classlink options do require a specific ID (District or Tenant) to connect and enable SSO login credentials.