Can a student be on multiple providers' caseloads?

Yes, students can be on as multiple caseloads. Any provider who needs to log for a specific student will need to add that student to their caseload.

What does it mean if it says "Archived" next to a student on my caseload?

When a student is marked as "Archived", it means that they are no longer active in Brolly. Typically, this happens when they no longer have an active IEP in your system, or if they leave your IEP system. If you believe that a student should not be marked as "Archived", please submit a support ticket for our team to investigate.

How do I remove a student from my caseload?

To remove a student from your caseload, go to Manage > Manage Students. Select "Edit Caseload", and find the student in the list you would like to remove. Click on that student's name so it is no longer bolded then select "Save Changes."

If I remove a student from my caseload, will it impact the logs I previously created for this student?

Removing a student from your caseload will have no impact on previously created logs for that student. Removing a student from your caseload only impacts who you can log for in the future.

What do I do if a student is not showing up to add to my caseload?

If you are not seeing a student in Brolly to add to your caseload, please check the following (please note that once an IEP is locked, it takes one nightly sync for a student to reappear in Brolly):

- Student has a finalized/locked IEP in your IEP system

- If the student's IEP was amended, check it was closed/locked again

- Student's IEP contains current goals

- Student is marked as "Special Education" in your IEP system

- Student's IEP is created in your IEP system and not a PDF upload

If all these things seem correct, please submit a support ticket here for our team to investigate.

Why does a student have multiple profiles in drop down?

When you see multiple profiles for a student, this usually means that there is a manual profile and a synced profile. We recommend using the synced profile that pulls over goals directly from your IEP system. You can submit a  support ticket here to archive the manually created profile if you do not have permissions to do so yourself.