Progress Monitoring

To begin to create a progress monitoring log in the Brolly app, select Progress Monitoring on the Home Screen.

Next, select "Use a Log Template" to use any of your log templates or to continue without a template then select "Start Progress Monitoring".

If using a template, you will see your templates appear to select from. Click on the template you would like to use. If not using a template, move to the next step.

On the next popup, enter the general information that you would like to apply to all students you are progress monitoring for. If students have different assessment and/or notes, skip these two fields and click Confirm after selecting the date of the assessments.

If using a template, you will see the students appear on this page. If you are not using a template, click "+Students" in the bottom right hand corner to select the students you would like to log for. You can also click "+Students" to add additional students if you selected a template.

After selecting "+Students", a popup will appear with the students on your caseload. Select the circle next to the students name so it is checked. Once you've select all your students click "Confirm" in the upper right hand corner of the popup.

Next, you will see the students you've selected. Click on the name of the student to add progress monitoring information.

Once you've selected a student, you will see the first page of progress monitoring information. If using a template with a goal in it, that goal will auto-populate for you. If you are not using a template or do not have a goal auto-populate, you will need to select "+Goal" to select the goal you are progress monitoring for.

If selecting a goal, you will see a popup with that student's goals available. To see the goal itself, click on the "i" to see the goal text. Note: If you would like to add a benchmark, you will have that option shortly.

Once the goal is selected, click on the goal name to be taken to the progress monitoring details.

If a goal has a benchmark, you will see the option to add it on this page.

On the progress monitoring detail page, you will be able to add in individual student notes, assessment name, score, and progress. You must have an assessment name, score, and progress to complete the log.

After completing the information for the log, click the arrow in the top left corner to return to the student goal page. Click the arrow a second time to return to the student page.

If logging for multiple students, click on the next student's name and go through the above steps to complete the progress monitoring log.

When finished filling out progress monitoring log information for students, go back to the student page and click the green check mark in the bottom left-hand corner.

Next, review the logs in the popup to make sure the information entered is correct. If correct, click "Submit."