For users who have permissions to add goals to Brolly, below are the steps to add a new goal. If your district is utilizing our data transfer directly from your IEP system, please check that the goal is not already in the system or will not be syncing over shortly.

Find student profile 

Select the Students page in your left-hand navigation.

Once on the Student page, search for the student you would like to create a goal for by typing the students name in the upper right-hand search bar.

When the student appears, click on that students name.

Add a goal

In the student profile, you will see the goal section. There should be a blue +Add button on the right side of the goal header. Click the +Add button to add a new goal.

Next, the new goal form will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Enter the correct information and click Next.

On the next page, skip the benchmarks and select Done.

What to enter

  • Name - goal name

  • Text - goal text

  • Service Area - select from the dropdown the correct area

  • Start Date - date the goal starts

  • End Date - date the goal ends