If I delete a template, will the logs I created using that template be impacted?

If you delete a template, it will have no impact on previously created logs. All logs will stay in the system unless manually deleted by you or an administrator.

Do I have to use templates?

No, you do not have to use templates. Templates are meant to help speed up logging by allowing you to pre-populate redundant information (students, time, goals, and service setting).

What does it mean if I get an alert saying that I have a student on this template that is no longer on your caseload or has been archived?

If a student has been removed from your caseload or archived in Brolly, you will get this alert. You can still use the template, but those specific students will no longer be available when you log. We recommend going to Manage > Manage Log Templates and  then removing those students from the template.

When I created my templates, I added more than one benchmark for each student, but when I use the template to log, only one benchmark appears. Why is this happening?

Currently, Brolly only supports one benchmark per a goal in a template. You can add additional benchmarks when creating a log though.

How do I change or update my template?

To change or update information in your template, go to Manage > Manage Log Templates and select the template you would like to update. Once in the template, you can update any of the information and then select Save Changes.