Feature: Service Setting 

Brolly’s new Service Setting feature allows providers to easily track setting for service sessions and offer administrators visibility into real time data on service placement. With three choices (co-teaching, pull-out/resource, and self-contained/special education), providers just select the setting for a session from the dropdown in their service tracking log.

Note: The Service Setting feature is optional and never required to complete a log.

Adding Service Setting to your Template 

To add service setting to your templates, go to Manage > Manage Log Templates and select the template name you would like to add service setting to. At the bottom of the template, you will see "Service Setting (Optional)" and select the correct setting from the dropdown menu. Lastly, save changes. 

Note: If you are using a template with service setting saved, the “General Session Setting” will be blank and service setting will be applied under each individual student. 

Adding Service Setting to a Service Tracking Log 

To add service setting when creating a service tracking log without a template, you can add the same service settings to all students, or you can add service setting for individual students. 

Adding Service Setting for All Students 

To add the same service setting for all students in a service tracking log, select the service setting in the dropdown labeled “General Session Setting.” This will apply the same service setting to all students in this service tracking log. 

Adding Service Setting for Individual Student 

To add service setting for an individual students in a service tracking log, create a new service tracking log and open the student’s log information. Select service setting for that student under that student’s individual session notes. 

Service Setting for Two Goals in One Log 


When tracking for two goals within one log, there is the option to choose a different service setting area for each individual goal. The service setting dropdown will appear next to the individual goal. Select the correct setting for each goal.

Service Setting in Analytics

Data Exploration Dashboard

In the administrator and provider Data Exploration dashboard, there will be a new interactive graph that will show the breakdown of the environments logged for service tracking sessions. 


When service setting is selected for a service tracking session, it will appear in reports under the minutes for that session. This will appear in the Service Tracking report and Student Detail report. If a service tracking session does not have a service setting selected, nothing will appear below the minutes.


  • Is service setting required? 
    • Service setting is not required. It is always optional to add to your service tracking logs.
  • Can I split up a service log into two service settings? 
    • If you are logging for two goals, you can choose two service settings. For one goal, we recommend creating two logs. For example, if 30 minutes of your reading class was in co-teaching and 30 minutes was in pull-out/resource then you would make one log for co-teaching and one for pull-out/resource. 
  • What if my school uses different terminology for these settings? Is it customizable? 
    • Currently, these are the three settings available and not customizable. We recommend norming what each means within your own school or district. This feature is optional, so you do not have to choose a setting if these do not work for your school or district. 
  • Is there a service setting for progress monitoring logs? 
    • Service setting is just for service tracking logs. If you want to include the setting for progress monitoring, we recommend using the notes section in progress monitoring logs to indicate the setting.