Overview Tab:

When you go to the Data Exploration page, you will automatically be directed to the Overview tab. This is where you can see the high level information for your caseload. To filter for specific dates or information, click on the Selected Filter at the top of the page.

At the top of the Overview page, you will see some fact cards. These show the total amount of service tracking minutes, service logs, progress logs, and goals being monitored based on the filters selected.

Next, you will see two graphs that show the breakdown of logs per day. The service logs by date is a great way to identify any potential drops or gaps in services, while the progress monitoring allows you to identify if progress monitoring is taking place.

The next two graphs breakdown the minutes by high level goal category and service setting. These graphs are a quick way to see what service minutes are being recorded and where students are being serviced.

In the Overview dashboard, you can quickly see the breakdown for goals being monitored, not monitored, and the progress logged for goals. This dashboard offers a high level view of any potential gaps in goals being monitored or goals not on track. Click on the arrows in the different boxes or the pie chart color blocks to be taken to the student page to see students with the criteria chosen such as goals not monitored or goals not on track.


The last section of the Overview tab provides a high level glance that the service fulfillment for service minutes in your district (or filtered choices). This allows you to quickly see if minutes are being serviced based on student IEPs.

The chart on the left shows a daily expected minutes with a blue dotted line showing what is expected to be 100% minutes serviced that day based on student services pulled from their IEPs. You can hover over any date and see the expected minutes vs actual minutes recorded.

The chart of the right side shows the breakdown of students who are on track to meet their minutes. The red block will indicate the percentage of students receiving less than 60% of their services/minutes logged in Brolly. Yellow indicates between 60% and 80% of services logged and green indicates 80% or more logged. 

If you hover over a portion of the chart, you will see the number of students in that percentage range. You can also click on a color block to be take to the student page and see those students in the percentage range.