SPED Log Version 1.4 Release Notes March 2021

Below is a description of the March 2021 features released and updates for the Athlos Special Education logs software. These new features apply to all users and administrators.

Feature 1: Custom Data Reports for All Users



  • The current Athlos website and mobile application allow users to print and export reports as CSV files for individual students and providers. 
  • Athlos is now releasing a report builder so you can customize and download data for multiple students and providers as a ZIP folder, PDF, or CSV.



  • To generate customized reports access and log in to the SPED Logs Web App.
  • *be sure to bookmark this page on your browser for easy access


  • You will not be able to click the "Export Report" button until you have selected something for each filter.  Once you have selected the information you want to be included in the report, click "Export Report".




Feature 2: Transferring Student Data History for Administrators



  • Providers can track services and progress monitor in the app with the ability to see only the data that they have entered.
  • Now, administrators can grant permission to providers allowing them to view all of the data entered for students in their caseload that was added by other teachers.





NOTES: Granting this permission to providers will show student history in a read-only format. 



Feature 3: Data Exploration for All Users


  • Data Exploration allows you to visualize aggregated services data and drill down into specific students and their goals to get the entire service and progress history on one page. 


NOTES: This feature is currently in Beta and available only in the Web App at this time. 

Please note that all training videos and user guides have been updated with these release features in the help center. If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to submit a ticket or visit our resource center: https://athloshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions