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Supervision and Training record

Hello! I have a request and suggestion regarding a measure that is required for Utah public schools. Paraeducators are required to be supervised and trained in accordance with each student IEP goals. In Brolly, we track all services performed by paraeducators. We would like a way to also track all supervision and training of paraeducators so we can report to the state on that data as it pertains to each student's IEP goals. Is this something that you are planning to add as part of your program or can you help me find a work around so that we can use Brolly to track this data? (It could look the same as a service log - but it wouldn't add on to the student service minutes)

If you are not planning to include supervision and training to your program, I have an idea that I can work around using service logs, but it would require a few things to change on the service logs. 1. I would need the option to have zero minutes on the service log (if you select zero minutes maybe the option to click a box that says "supervision" or "training" 2. It would be really nice to have some sort of template for the notes field to help the supervisor understand what they need to record in order to be compliant.

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