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Ease-of-use for Progress Monitoring

The feature that is the most requested by my service providers is the ability to select multiple goals per student to add progress monitoring. Currently, you can select multiple students to progress monitor, but you can only select one goal for each student at a time. 

Why this is requested?

When a teacher has 27 students on their caseload and each student has three or more goals, it can be very time-consuming to have to post progress for each goal one at a time. Selecting more than one student at a time doesn't always help with this since each student's goal is different.

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Thank you for your request! We will keep tabs on further requests for this feature and update the status of potential development accordingly. 

In the progress monitor feature, teachers can only select one goal at a time to enter data for and then they have to go back to the student name to begin documenting progress on the next goal. Is there any way to allow teachers to have the drop-down menu to choose each goal without having to go out to the home page?

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Thank you for your note - our product team is reviewing this feedback and does plan to make some improvement updates to progress monitoring functionality this spring!

-The Athlos Team

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